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So What Do You Do?

You are at a networking event and you get the standard “So, what do you do?” question. Many experts will tell you to have an “elevator pitch” or a positioning statement memorized and then to launch right in. Download your worksheet to pitch your niche and learn how to "un-Pitch" and get that meeting.

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No More Blank Stares

How many times has someone from an industry or field you know absolutely nothing about given you a scripted spiel—and you’ve found yourself checking out and nodding politely because you’re so mystified? Don't be that person!

Book End with Questions

In this worksheet, we show you how to effortlessly transition your conversation back to the person you are talking to by asking great questions and focus less time on the "pitch".

Get the Follow-Up Meeting

After booking hundreds of meetings with this approach we want you to forget everything you have learned about elevator pitches in the past - our approach will get you the meeting. 


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