7 Reasons Networking is Essential to your Career by Martin Fretwell. Founder of Like a Leader

Uncategorized May 01, 2018

7 Reasons Networking is Essential to your Career

               When developing your career, you need to give yourself options.  I hear far too many people say that they feel trapped in a job or in a specific career path.  Loyalty is an admirable quality but we are talking about your career here, not dating.  When I was younger, my Father told me that once a year he would update his CV or resumè and apply for several jobs.  Sometimes they would lead to nothing, sometimes a phone interview and sometimes a meeting.  This would lead to good interview practice, particularly without the added pressure of needing a new job but it also had a psychological benefit; reducing stress through knowing that there are other options.  It’s a strategy I highly recommend but I believe there’s more.  I believe that there’s a way to create that feeling of having options...

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How to Structure a first meeting so that you get the next meeting

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2018
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5 Tips No Stress Professional Networking

vlog_5nwtips Jan 22, 2018

You know that in order to build your business or consulting practice you need to make connections, but you hate to network. I get it, but it beats cold calling.  I've built three businesses through networking and I've interviewed dozens of successful introverted entrepreneurs, in which I’ve found a few common themes in their networking strategy. We share these with you in the video.

You can also click HERE to download the summary of this video and bring it with you to your next conference for a refresher.

Not sure it works? In the last few years, I was able to sell a million-dollar consulting assignment because of a prospect I met at a networking event. It took a year and a half and many touches where I was just bringing value to this person but in the end it worked. This contact introduced me his boss because he felt we brought some value to him. This eventually ended in a million-dollar contract!  These five tips will help you successfully book coffee meetings with...

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5 Step to Help You Decide Where to Network


5 Step to Help You Decide Where to Network

Downloaded this guide to help you as you  decide where to network to build your professional network.


 Let me know how this is working for you and if you have question, please post in the blog.



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3 Steps to Booking a Follow-up Meeting after a networking event


This video will help you get that follow-up meeting after a networking event.



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Forget Everything You Know About Elevator Pitches

vlog_elevator_pitch Nov 17, 2017

You are at a networking event and you get the standard “So, what do you do?” question. Many experts will tell you to have an “elevator pitch” or a positioning statement memorized and then to launch right in. I think there is a big flaw in this approach: It presumes that everyone we talk to will receive that pitch the same way. It doesn’t account for the reality that people come from various backgrounds and experiences and will each understand your message differently (or not at all).

 How many times has someone from an industry or field you know absolutely nothing about given you a scripted spiel—and you’ve found yourself checking out and nodding politely because you’re so mystified? When what you do is tightly niched or specialized, you need to first set up some context with the individual you’re talking to (whether it’s your grandmother or a CEO) so your one-of-a-kind message will make sense to that person, sink in,...

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