Why Don’t “Consultants” Focus on What Your Business Needs Instead of What They Want to Sell?

Discover How to Filter Out the Noise and Focus Only on What Your Business Needs So You Can Modernize Your Business and Drive Top-line Growth



If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or future-preneur ready to re-invent yourself

If you know you need to modernize your business but find the process challenging…

If you find the always changing business landscape hurting how you add new revenue and new customers

If you are struggling to choose the best business model from the chaos of options provided by technology…

If you are tired of well-intentioned peers offering general advice that doesn’t address your specific business and market

If you’re stuck with a bad taste in your mouth from all the gurus and consultants claiming to have the “secret sauce” …


Then you are not alone. And what I am about to share with you could be the key to unlocking your modernized, more successful business.


Past Awards & Accolades

You are about to discover:

  • An age-old secret that isn’t a secret at all… it’s just something standard consultants have either forgotten or frankly don’t care to do.
  • How to stop guessing what modern business models will work… so you can invest your time into actual revenue growth.
  • What it feels like to connect with an industry leader willing to say no if someone else can serve you better… when was the last time your needs mattered most?

The Problem with Today’s Business World

Most consultants don’t have answers.

They only have one answer. Not several. Not many. One.

Which is perfect if you happen to be the one type of business owner they know how to help. But what happens for the vast majority that need something besides that one answer.

Well, they still pitch you on what they want to sell, right?

SEO, Webinars, Social Media, LinkedIn, Networking, Sales Pipelines… whatever area holds the one answer they know… that is what you’re going to hear.

And if you have SPS (Shiny Penny Syndrome) you might try them all and spend years filtering through approach after approach in today’s digital world. And after all that, you learn you still haven’t found the right one.

That’s expensive. Not just the money you spend trying everything… but the revenue you lost by not having the right pieces in place.

Who Else Thought They Finally Figured It Out?

There are a lot of great products, plans, and purchases you can make to help your business. But in today’s digital world, everything connects in one way or another.

So, you could have the right email marketing approach, but lack the proper website integrations.

Is your email guy or your website gal supposed to fix the problem?

You could have exactly what you need, but without a fluid plan that brings it all together – it feels wrong, it looks wrong, it works wrong. And you go back to the drawing board.

There are too many options that lack a fluid approach to do it on your own.

You’ve been trying.

You know the need is there.

But how do you move forward in a way that makes sense?

If It Goes According to Plan…

Have you heard the saying by Mike Tyson? “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

The frustration of finding the right model, the right systems, and the means to bring it all together in one modernized plan… can feel like a punch in the face.

Nobody wants to feel that.

You want to feel the joy of watching a new client move smoothly into your circle of influence, have their every need met, and become a loyal client for life.

That means you have the right systems in place to find that client. You are able to effectively acquire clients and efficiently deliver your services. You have the tools to let them know how you can solve it.


From Start to Finish.

No more singular secret sauces. You have your strategy, resources & tools to a unified, modernized business that will keep you competitive for years to come.

Learning How to See the Big Picture

I haven’t always had a wholistic view of the businesses I’ve helped build. I was once in your exact shoes feeling frustrated by the variety of “gurus” telling me they had the next best thing.

I spent years filtering the noise. Then I decided to take what I learned in my own journey to find a modern business model that didn’t require a lot of employees by helping professional service firms quickly identify the best business model to scale growth.

This meant entrepreneurs just like you would not have to spend years figuring out the direct path like I did.

It means I could do for you what the elite consultants I worked with did for me. I could provide unbiased advice and tough love with no ulterior motives.

This big picture view focuses solely on what is best for you, the business owner. It is the same approach that helped the last 7 figure business I founded win numerous fast growth and best places to work awards.

Your Company Deserves a Personalized Approach

We use a simple 3 stage approach to make sure every investment of time, money, and effort go directly to helping your business succeed:

Stage 1:

You'll Talk/We'll Listen

You know your business better than anyone. And we want to hear about it.

We’ll dive deep into your business and personal goals.

We want to hear your story and the “why” that drives you.

We’ll listen as you describe your positioning in the marketplace and what you see as your strengths and challenges.

Stage 2:

Market Options

Only after we have listened will we begin to review the most relevant modern business models.

We’ll look at what will work for your target audience.

We’ll focus on finding the right fit for your situation and available resources

Stage 3:

The Direct Path Plan

After gathering the pieces that work best for your specific business, we will bring it all together.

We’ll create a high-level Direct Path Roadmap with recommended resources.

We will also give an honest evaluation if we are the right guide for you to help execute your plan.

How to Start Your Company’s Better Path

It’s simple.

Book a Call to get you on a Direct Path to Growing a Business You Love.

How much was the last workshop you attended? Or the last online marketing tool you bought that was a bust?

Many business owners can easily waste $10,000 -$20,000 on products and services that are not what their specific business needs.

Not you. Because now you know a better way.

You can get your personalized plan for just $447.

That intentional investment gives you a 90-minute strategy session that could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours hunting down products not right for your business.

90 Minute Strategy Session


Money Back Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee – Two Ways!

It seems every guru is ready to offer your money back if you don’t like their product.

But only if you follow their plan exactly… even if it doesn’t fit your business just right.

They don’t look at your personal business, spend time evaluating what is best for you, then say, “This is not the best fit for you. Let me give you your money back.”

But we do. We give you a Two-Way Guarantee:

  1. If you don’t find value in the first session, I will fully refund your investment. Just send me a note and tell me how we could have improved the session.


  1. If I don’t think I can help you, I will fully refund your investment AND refer you to someone else.


So why not just give away free sessions like other consultants do?

Because I need to know you’re serious. And you need to know you’re serious.

Do you have time for toe-dippers in your business? I don’t. Not if I want to serve serious business owners like you with my very best.

You are guaranteed to find value in your first session or you get your money back. AND you are guaranteed that I can either help you or I will give your money back.

You are 100% safe to sign up today.

Different Choices for Different Results

What we offer is different because we knew the frustration of chasing after individual solutions and somehow trying to get them to work together.

We wanted different results, so we made different choices.

And now you can do the same.

You can continue chasing every expert and guru down different rabbit holes. But you’ll keep getting the same tired, frustrating results.

Or you can get different results, better results, by making a different choice today.

And you won’t be alone. I’m here to guide you on this journey

Make the right choice and start getting the right results today.


Meet our Founder, Cindy Lu, The CEO Guide

90 Minute Strategy Session


Money Back Guarantee