At Consultant's Business Development (CBD) Academy, we believe that business development doesn't have to be stressful. That’s why we give you the road-map you need to build a success B2B Consulting pipeline of work you love. From positioning your niche to building a multi-six figure business, your investment in Consultants' Business Development Academy is an investment in your freedom and happiness (never worry about where your next project will come from).

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FREE course on why having face to face interactions is critical to becoming a trusted adviser & how to increase your activity to build a pipeline of work you love!

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About Cindy Lu

How I went from a corporate suit to a start-up entrepreneur and never looked back. I didn’t know the first thing about building a business, so this was truly a leap of faith. A close mentor had impressed upon me power of focus and niche. I was scared to death to focus — to say “no” to some engagements and really narrow in on the specialty work I loved — but my fear of stagnating and wallowing in corporate America was even greater than my fear of not making rent… (Read Cindy's Story)

At Consultant's Business Development (CBD) Academy, we believe that business development doesn't have to be stressful. Check out our weekly Vlog/Blog to learn a proven system to build a pipeline of consulting projects you love!

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"One of the many lessons Cindy Lu taught me was the power of the “pause” when asking a closed-ended question. I often watched Cindy built rapport in conversations through warm, open-ended questions but when clarity was needed she could pivot to a closed-ended question that would change the direction of the conversation. Cindy has the patience to pause after a closed-ended question and give the other party time to reflect and respond. Cindy taught me how to pivot conversations through direct, closed-ended questions and she also taught me the importance of pausing and waiting no matter how awkward the silence."

Paula Pergle
VP, Lauber Business Partners

"I’ve learned a lot working with Cindy, especially when it comes to what and how I gather information throughout the business development process. I now get more out of my time with prospects and clients due to simple shifts in the direction of our conversation and the questioning methodology she has taught me. Those shifts have helped me build trust and uncover critical business issues, allowing me to help provide even more impactful solutions and strengthen my professional relationships. Cindy’s approach in coaching has been invaluable to my personal development and the growth of my business."

Eric Mraz
Co-Founder R3 Strategic Search

"I've worked with Cindy for over a decade. I've learned an enormous amount from her, but the biggest impact to my business has been learning the unique line of questioning she poses to clients and how it makes them think about their business differently. She brings incredible value by making leaders think of things they otherwise wouldn't through a thoughtful line of questioning. It ultimately impacts at a higher level because most consultants do not challenge their clients with the tough and unique questions. "

Allie Milbrath
CEO, Bottom Line Growth Recruitment

"For as long as I can remember, Cindy has been a center of professional influence. She has a graceful, authentic style that creates an instant level of credibility and respect, which has made it easy to learn from her. The approach she has developed and shared with me to build credibility by understanding pain points, decision-making processes, stakeholder motivations, and organizational structure unearths issues that I’ve seen many seasoned sales executives struggle with. Her process ultimately feels instinctive and allows me to develop deeper and stronger professional relationships. ‘Serve, don't sell’ is a big part of her philosophy, and combined with her unwavering work ethic, I’m continually inspired to work harder, be my best, and think bigger."

Anne Gustafson
Co-Founder R3 Strategic Search

"“I have worked with Cindy Lu throughout my career. Both as a colleague and a client. She was always accessible to me as a client, and I could count on her to follow up or check in. On the flip side, as her colleague in Sales, she taught me the same. That the single most important factor in any successful sales profession is; “activity executed daily.” In other words, you must always be out in front of your prospects and clients. Including face to face introductory and scoping meetings, information sharing via email and Social Media and general satisfaction follow up. Face to face meetings trump all other activity, as they are always the most effective with new or existing clients. This relationship building exercise will be what secures your new business and keeps existing. Ensuring your pipeline is full every week ( rule of thumb 10 client meetings), will without a doubt bring you success. Of course, today getting someone on the phone is much more difficult, as our world has changed tremendously over the last 20 years. But activity executed daily is still the key to new business. I now work in a mulit-tier marketing business and still use Cindy’s wisdom as I reach out to my prospects and clients daily. I use more Social Media, email and text than ever before, however my up face to face meetings in person and in Skype, are still the most effective. Cindy reminded me that a “no” simply means “not right now.” Therefore, keep in touch.” "

Tobi Craigor
Executive Consultant

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